Secapp: A Cloud-Based Incident Communication & Alerting Platform, Capturing Your Attention When Needed



Secapp’s SaaS services run on an efficient server infrastructure (always aiming to scale and achieve better results with the same resources, while remaining very lean with as little waste as possible, centralized to a provider with ISO14001 and ISO50001 certification).

On top of that, the services from Secapp help save time, which assists other organizations to run more efficiently and sustainably. Secapp’s services promote automation, flexibility and resilience. Digitisation also means scaling down or even eliminating paper usage through its digital documents and checklists.

Secapp enables hybrid working (global teams working remotely), communicating through video, chat or voice – all minimising the need for commuting and other types of travelling to minimize your travel footprint.



– Kuopio University Hospital
– Seinäjoki Central Hospital
– Mikkeli Central Hospital

Secapp Oy

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