Destructor Which Purifies Up to 99% of the Collected Nitrous Oxide



Nitrous oxide provides good, practical and well proven pain relief during childbirth. Nitrous oxide is greatly appreciated by both midwives and mothers-to-be. In Sweden, it is the most commonly used method for pain management in delivery and childbirth. Nitrous oxide is also used during surgery and in dental procedures.

However nitrous oxide has a more than 300 times greater impact on the climate than carbon dioxide.Climate change is one of the greatest environmental challenges we are facing today, and action need to be taken.

It is important to eliminate leakage of nitrous oxide as this is a serious problem in the working-and external environment. Staff may suffer headaches, nausea and tiredness. Everyone benefits from elimination of leaking gas, the more gas we can collect the more we can send for destruction, and while still retaining this very useful and much appreciated method of pain management.

The destructor purifies up to 99% of the collected nitrous oxide, where nitrous oxide is broken down into oxygen and nitrogen, which are common constituents of ordinary air.

Our destructor contributes to reducing the health care sector impact on the climate and make the health care more sustainable without losing all the benefit of using nitrous oxide as pain release.

We help you protect staff, patients and the environment.



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