Healthcare Uniforms - A New Standard for PPE: Antimicrobial ‘TorTex™’ Fabric Prevents 99.9% of Bacteria & Virus



TorTex™ organic antimicrobial capability is without coatings like silver / nano silver.

By avoiding silver, TorTex™ helps to reduce the risks of antibiotic resistance and environmental pollution. TorTex™ does not release any harmful substances that have been verified by Hohenstein’s Cytotoxic test.



– Successful wear test: Conducted with a multidisciplinary team at Hospital de Cantanhede and elderly care facility Domus Vida Parede Residences, as part of EIT Health Bridgehead project. HealthTextiles’s uniforms passed the wear test with distinction. 73% of the surveyed healthcare workers preferred uniforms with TorTex™ fabric, powered by 37.5® Technology, compared to their current cotton/poly uniforms.


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