Prefabricated Modular Facilities for Healthcare and Research



MedicSolution has for many years contributed to a more flexible healthcare where our prefabricated modules have solved the capacity in an efficient way. Up to 50 % faster than on-site built and removable to efficiently adapt the building to new needs or to be moved to another site.

Example of room types/facilities:
Operating theaters, CSSD, diagnostics imaging units (MRI, CT, X-ray etc.), ICUs, clean rooms, and bespoke facilities.

The modules are produced off-site in a safe and clean factory environment and the result meets at least the same high standard as building on-site.

In case of permanent construction or use, our modules can be adopted to increase flexibility and thereby enable the facility to meet current needs over time.



– Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg (Sweden)
– Löwenströmska Hospital, Stockholm (Sweden)
– HSB living lab, Gothenburg (Sweden)
– Funäsdalen Health Center, Funäsdalen (Sweden)
– Hudiksvall Hospital, Hudiksvall (Sweden)
– Linköpning University Hospital, Linköping (Sweden)


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